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Used twice, loved twice :) |

Many of her other books have a lot of meat on their bones, but this one is lean. In the 's, Rye Dalton decides to go on a whaling voyage to make his fortune, leaving his wife Laura at home. Rye expects to return to Nantucket within a year or two, however, word comes through that his ship is sunk making Laura a young, pregnant widow.

Dan Morgan, Laura and Rye's best friend, steps in. He looks after her and her baby once he's born, so they marry and carry on with their lives. Several years later who should walk into the house one day out of the blue, but Rye, of course! What is Laura to do? That's really the crux of the novel - there's not much more to it, other than a couple of hot love scenes. Jun 19, Bridgette rated it really liked it. In Twice Loved, LaVyrle Spencer takes three ordinary characters and places them in an unusual and complicated life situation where they seem to have no logical means of escape.

Three friends find themselves forced to make decisions that test moral and ethical boundaries in the pursuit of personal happiness. Twice Loved is a hard book for me to review as I loved the storyline, I was transfixed throughout the reading, I came to care deeply for the characters. However, I felt tied up in knots throu In Twice Loved, LaVyrle Spencer takes three ordinary characters and places them in an unusual and complicated life situation where they seem to have no logical means of escape.

However, I felt tied up in knots throughout the book and did not enjoy the feeling. I have read many of LaVyrle Spencer's novels and have experienced the same sense of anxiety as she thrusts her characters into these stressfully painful circumstances. How do I rate a fabulous writer who I cannot stand to read because she makes me feel terrible?

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Hmmm Sounds like this is my problem; Apr 30, Iolanda rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. One of Spencer's best! This was the second book I read from this author and it was just -- WOW. I fell in love with these characters and grew to care about them and I couldn't put the book down. Laura loses her husband, Rye, believed to be lost at sea long gone.

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So she turns to her and Rye's best friend, Dan for comfort who steps into the role immediately because of his loyalty to his best friend and unrequited love for Laura. Only thing is, five years later, Rye returns home! And in one One of Spencer's best!


And in one piece. Not only that, but he discovers Laura and he conceived a child before he left for sea and that Dan has fathered him all this time. Torn between her two loves, and Rye confused as heck and trying to catch up on all he's missed, this read makes a very enjoyable, fast and emotional roller coaster that I shall have the pleasure to read over and over again.

Sep 20, Sarah rated it liked it. This one was different than most of Mrs. Spencer's books.

There's a love triangle, and you realize about 20 pages in that one of these three is not going to have a happily ever after. It was an interesting storyline, but it fell flat in several places and it took me a really long time to finish it. I found myself disliking the heroine several times. It was a decent read, just not up to Mrs. Spencer's usually high standard.

Oct 29, Tammy rated it really liked it. I read this a l-o-n-g time ago but I re-read it this past week when I found it on my library's 3M Library ebooks list.

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  • I read every book LaVyrle Spencer wrote back in the day -- this is not my favorite of hers, but enjoyable and heartbreaking by turns. It is a sweet, and bittersweet love story. I have it in my personal library and it will stay there. Apr 11, Sera rated it it was ok Shelves: brother-sisters-best-friend , historical-fiction , love-triangle. It pains me to do it but I really did not like this one at all. I never connected with the characters. It felt like nothing really happened. And I hated Laura, she was a martyr and could not make a freaking decision.

    I still love LaVyrle Spencer though.

    Young Entrepreneur: Twice Loved

    This one just did nothing for me. Nobody can't separate the relationship between wife and husband, parents and their son. Finally, true love will find the way. But, the end of the story, they're happily together. I love this book so much.

    Jun 29, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: own , romance , historical-fiction. I usually love Spencer's books, but this one felt a little flat to me. The setting, colonial Nantucket, was interesting and there was a lot of authentic historical detail, but I didn't feel the characters were fleshed out well at all. I didn't connect with any of them, and once the love triangle had been resolved, I found myself really anxious for the story to end. Jun 04, Rene Trudeau rated it it was amazing.

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    I read this book for the first time many years ago, it remains one of my most favorite books to this day! Such an emotional loved filled read!! I wanted to name my first born Rye!!! Jun 10, Naomi rated it liked it. Any book of LS is well worth the read. Twice loved was a sweet story which followed most of LaVyrle's books, yet sucked me in just like the rest of them. This is an author who I wish had never retired! Aug 13, Sam rated it liked it.

    My dad had this in his little collection of books that people gave him over a couple of years. I didn't think that I would like it as much as I did, but this book was really nice once you got into it, which, mind you, isn't that easy. Dec 20, Marianne rated it liked it. Nobody does frustrated love like Spencer. The pain oozes off the pages. Spencer invents more ways to keep lovers apart than any other author I have read. But she works everything out in the end Jun 09, George rated it liked it.

    I was fun to try and figure out how the situation was going to be resolved. The graphic description of their encounter in the woods did seem a little much considereing the tone of the rest of the book. Mar 04, Kris rated it really liked it Recommended to Kris by: my sister-in-law. Shelves: light-romance-no-fabio-on-cover. Yeah, yeah, it's a romance, but I liked the time period: Nantucket during the whaling age. It's cheesy by definition see shelf title! We got there a few years later and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Jul 18, Jean rated it really liked it.